The warning must be reduced the term and be signed by the parts. The obligation to repair the damage is the second partner-educative measure, made use in article 116 of the ECA, with basically educative purpose and the objective of awaking and developing the sense of the responsibility of the adolescent in face what it does not belong to it. According to agreement of Oliveira (2002): Having, however, manifest impossibility, the measure can be substituted by another adjusting. Thus, the obligation to repair the damage imposed to the infractor does not have only the literal target of the measure, but aims at to insert in the minor the consequences of the tort that practised, taking care of one more time the purpose of the measure, which is, its ressocializao. The rendering of services the community is third of the foreseen partner-educative measure in article 117 of the ECA, in its only paragraph consists the rendering of services the community, for not exceeding period the six months, next to entities assistncias, hospitals, schools and other establishments same types, as well as in communitarian or governmental programs.

In accordance with the agreement of Cury (2002): Inserted in an including communitarian context (assistenciais entities, communitarian, governmental hospitals, schools, programs, etc.), the measure makes possible the widening of the proper vision of public good and the value of the communitarian relation, whose context must be inserted in true prxis, where the values of dignity, citizenship, work, school, communitarian relation and justice social it does not stop some, but for all, they are cultivated during its application. The attended freedom is the fourth measure foreseen in article 118 of the ECA, alludes that: ' ' The attended freedom will be adopted whenever to figure the measure most adequate for the end to follow, to assist and to guide adolescente' '. In accordance with Barroso Son (2001): The participation of the family allows to the establishment of a contract of mutual aid around the necessities of the adolescent and the limits that the fulfilment of the measure contemplates.

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