Great Day For Rodrigo Medina

Starting today Leon begins campaigns to the governorship of the State of Nuevo, after 6 years we witness the change of Governor for our State, from today we can see the candidates on a host of promotional events for their election campaigns. Rodrigo Medina, began with lots of activities to do in his campaign, began meetings with promising youth who belong to unions and groups of workers, and the candidates for mayors. At 10: 00 in the morning in Cintermex, will begin the election campaign of a candidate for the governorship by the institutional Revolutionary Party, Rodrigo Medina, where will take place a meeting with young PRI members, because until today the advantage of Rodrigo Medina, is youth. At the end it will hold another meeting in the town of Guadalupe, around 2: 00 in the afternoon, with leaders of different trade unions of workers. However the more representative the day event, won’t happen but until 5: 00 in the afternoon, in the Center Convex, where the PRI candidates to the different municipalities of the State of Nuevo Leon, will meet at this meeting submit your Government project, looking for the support of these candidates. But not even ends his itinerary for his first day of campaign, Rodrigo Medina PRI candidate, he will attend the place its closure of pre-campaign, the municipality of Apodaca, where will hold a meeting with Benito Caballero, the candidate for Mayor of. Rodrigo Medina, expected to be the votes of the municipality of Apodaca which carried the triumph. Original author and source of the article..

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