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May have the following conditions removal: 1. The cell replacement key is written ALL deletes the start and end tags and all of the text (including other tags), contained between them. 2. The cell replacement key is written ALL-deletes all text (Including other tags), contained between the start and end tags. Tags themselves are not deleted. 3. If the key is missing, you can delete only the start and end tags. Text between them is preserved.

Replace attribute – attribute value is replaced by the set. More. 1. We look for the tag satisfying search 2. In the results we seek tag attribute whose name matches with a given cell replacement. 3. This attribute is set, defined in cell replacement. Delete attribute – attribute is removed from the given name / value attribute Add – adds an attribute with the specified name / value if the attribute with that name already exists, its value is changed to set, without adding a new attribute.

In the upper register – the attribute value is translated to uppercase to lowercase – the attribute value converted to lowercase Note. Found in the processing of double tags (and more) spaces within the tags are replaced with single quotes. When comparing the values of attributes of quotes and apostrophes are dropped. Ie values of attributes onClick = 'this.setHomePage (''); return false;' onClick = 'this.setHomePage (''); return false;' onClick = this.setHomePage (''); return false; considered equal . Can be installed different search conditions: 1. Equivalence (equality) We look for the tag tag of the same type, containing the same set of attributes atributov.Poryadok, the number of spaces – does not matter.

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