Michel Foucault

Of the release of the speech Michel Foucault in its workmanship ‘ ‘ The order of discurso’ ‘ it affirms to be the speech continuously sabotaged in its expressividade for the institutionalization of the power, sees: ‘ ‘ I assume that in all the society the production of the speech is simultaneously controlled, selected, organized and redistributed for a certain number of procedures that have for paper to exorcizar the powers and the perigos to it, to refrear the random event to it, to disfarar its heavy and frightful materiality. () It is clearly that we know, in a society as ours, of the existence of exclusion procedures. Most evident, most familiar also, he is the interdict. We have conscience of that we do not have the right to say what in apetece, that we cannot speak of everything in any circumstance, that who wants that it is, finally, cannot to speak of whatsoever. Taboo of objecto, ritual of the circumstance, privileged or exclusive right of the citizen that speaks: game of three types of interdicts who if cross, that if they strengthen or that if they compensate, forming a complex grate that is always to modify-se.’ ‘

This text was written in 1970, in a context of fight against the exclusion of the women, against the racial discrimination, sexual and as much other exculpatory processes the one that the minorities historically had been submitted. He is well-known that such movements had developed conquests in the last decades that had not only become possible the recognition of the civil laws of groups that before were discriminated, but had authorized they it word, becoming possible the expression of its individuality. But according to Foucault, ‘ ‘ libertao’ ‘ to the speech one is not about simply I allowed to state reinvindicaes them the basic rights, not even to give place to them in the faculty of the universities, in the universe politician, in the cultural and artistic world, nor in any place where if it states the thought ideological, or where, for it executes it, establish relations of being able.

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