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-I have tried to sort the things that we will need for the baby and the truth, I’ve a little overwhelmed, the truth is that I don’t know where to start – then don’t worry, we have eight and a half months to get the batteries. -Ya, is what I thought, I said. -It is early, but you should think about changing everything you have in your Office, is the best room to put the baby’s room. My Office was where apart from work, had a few privacy privileges, when I enclosed to work, was simply not for anyone. The week was spent with relative normality, altered by continuous calls from friends and acquaintances to congratulate us, Rosa could not stop telling me, at the pace that we have to make a list of birth, did not know very well what was referring, but sensed that I was going to solve many headaches. The next three weeks were a continuous visits and calls from friends and family. A month had passed and everything seemed to be back to normal. Monday at first time Adela was presented with a smile that seemed to imply that he had found the Holy Grail.

-Pink, everything arranged, you have open birth list. -Mmm. – Yes, mira I went to one of the Cuc stores and at a time they’ve created me the list of birth record, I have been given a key with which you can enter and select from home everything you need for the arrival of the baby, in addition, once you have it prepared, you can send it to all those who who make you a gift, and not forget your primo Ernesto, that even if you are in Australia, now you can gift. You said in this paper the web – but MOM, that idea more great, don’t know the weight that I take away from the top, already he was thinking about how to communicate it to all known and then the problem of repeated gifts, tents, each one in a corner of the city, really great. My mother-in-law, seemed to grow a couple of inches in front of my own eyes, had not dropped the aura that enveloped her, when she turned to me. – And you’ve already solved it from the car? I looked at rose and only was right to say:-I have to go I have a meeting. Thank you Adela. I left home with the firm intention to consult the web as soon as reaching Office, while he could still enjoy a couple of months of my two-seater car.

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