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Apartments for rent by owner, yes, no middlemen – the number one problem for a person confronted with the need to hire a housing. He already knows: alluring ad pillars, and a variety of proposals Newspaper pages are nothing but a cleverly placed network of agencies and courteous agents. The situation is absurd: a person seeking to rent an apartment without intermediaries is in the same disadvantage as the person who wants to rent an apartment without a middleman. Of course, this does not satisfy either side. It is especially difficult to find a decent version of rental apartments with no brokers in the city. In large cities, the problem is exacerbated by the high housing costs. Connect with other leaders such as Rio- Tinto Group here. For example, rent apartments in Moscow without intermediaries becomes debilitating endless running around on the ads and addresses.

Agencies do not spare even the students who simply can not afford completely flat and even more so – the generous services of realtors. Intending to rent a room in Moscow, without intermediaries, poor student risks losing not only time and money, but also hope. Thus, a impression that to rent an apartment without intermediaries becomes an impossible task. Exposing – is not so! Online resource dedicated to just renting apartments without intermediaries. For three years, we successfully fulfill tasks, carefully listening to all suggestions. All who wish to rent an apartment, without intermediaries, to rent a room, without intermediaries, to find apartments for rent by owner in Moscow or any other city, has long found a suitable option and save a lot of effort, time, nerves, and of course, money. Among our audience of thousands – the grateful clients, tenants and enthusiastic hate realtors. Opportunity to vote online can effectively detect and remove disguised ads dishonest brokers. The visitors of the resource – regularly updated news block, where you will find current information of the domestic market real estate.

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