Oil Diesel

The addition of etanol to the conventional oil diesel, mixed or not with biodiesel the base of acid greasy, of vegetal or animal origin, faces two great problems; – The possibility of, in the presence of small amount of water, to occur the separation of phases, organic with diesel and an alcoholic one, etanol and water; – The low cetane number of etanol, in return of 5 against 45 of diesel, what it harms the combustion of the mixture. To decide this problem they are used products auxiliary, as ' ' cetane boosters' ' to increase the cetane number of the mixture and cosolventes, to allow the stability of the mixture and to prevent the separation of phases. As ' ' cetane boosters' ' they are used, most of the time, alcohol nitrates, as nitrate of ciclohexila, nitrate of 2etilhexila and others. These products are extremely expensive, making impracticable the economicidade of the use of them. Click RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust to learn more. To prevent the separation of phases they are used products as the alcohol terbutilo, etilterbutil ether and other organic products, amino esters and. Meanwhile it is possible to mix etanol to diesel using one alone product that has pair function, is at the same time ' ' cetane booster' ' cosolvente. This product mixed etanol was tested in mixtures of up to 20% in conventional engines diesel, without the necessity of modification, with excellent resulted.

The engine presented a softer operation of what when used diesel conventional, a reduction of the emission of particulado material, popular smoke, and also reduction of the nitrogen oxide emission. The consumption did not present significant alteration, although the minor to be able calorific of the mixture etanol with diesel. The cost of the mixture etanol with cosolvente is of R$1,50/l, practically equivalent at the cost of diesel mineral and well lesser of what R$2,00/l of biodiesel traditional. Along with this it has the advantage to extend the use of etanol in the combustible market, today limited the engines of Otto cycle, without presenting the disadvantage of the competition with the food market, therefore etanol already it is qualified as combustible in the world all. Beyond the lesser emission of particulado material and nitrogen oxides, the mixture of etanol in diesel also diminishes the sulphur oxide emission and the Co2 emission.

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