PepsiCo Case

The cases of studies an inquiry in the Internet ' ' They indicate that the Internet, including electrnico post office, web, and its others facetas, of the new one and important instrument for the attempt of popular groups to promote the change politics. Some of these advantages mere seem to be evolutiva improvements on ' ' more velhas' ' technologies, such as the telephone and fax, in terms of speed and cost. Evidently, no technology, by itself guarantees a successful campaign, but the Internet offers to its users more energy when other forces enter in game. The Internet is cheap and convenient. The sending of messages much less saw expensive e-mail of what to use the telephone, fax, or other technologies, especially when the activistas they communicate long distances the members of the net they live in remote areas (as in the case of the borders of the Birmnia). Moreover, in the case of the PepsiCo, organizadores can distribute materials of the campaign (posters, photographs, writings others) much more cheap e, obviously, more fast and easily of what it would be the used case if of the postal services mail or other ways to distribute physical copies of the materials.

While some of the start costs are necessary (a computer, a modem, an Internet account), these are not the individuals more beyond ' ' it means. Mmuitos activist makes use of email supplied freely in university accounts. Cost of the work and the main organizadores is, obviously, vital for popular groups and not-governmental organizations that depend on subventions and donations that compose its budget. The Internet is a organizacional tool ' ' par excellence ' '. Without the Internet, it would have been virtually impossible in case of Massachusetts, or many other cases not cited here, for activistas to co-ordinate and to put to support the pressure that they had made.

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