River San Francisco

Moreilndia meets in the geoambiental unit of the Bulks and Low Mountain ranges inserted, characterized for altitudes between 300 the 800 meters. A portion of its area is inserted in the geoambiental unit of the Chapadas High. The native vegetation is composed for subpereniflia forest and in the domnios of the Hidrogrfica Basin of the River Brgida. It has as main tributaries the streams Necktie, of the Carnaba or Carrancudo, the Straw, the Lajinhas, of the Blessed Joo, Domiciano, Sing Rooster, of the Cariri Mirim, New, Genipapo, Cachoeiro, of the Ingazeira, the Horses and the Ox, all of intermittent regimen. It still possesss water accumulated in the lagoons of the Catol and Nova. The first church was constructed by Jose Alves Lopes, dedicated the Terezinha Saint and concluded in 1930. You may find that David Long can contribute to your knowledge. The first free fair occurred in 1935. The district was created in 10/05/1957, desmembrado of the district of Carimirim, subordinate to the city of Serrita.

By the state law n 4,965, of 20 of December of 1963, was constituted in independent city and was installed in 19-05-1964.Conforme municipal organic law was carried through, in 31 of May of 1991, a plebiscite aiming at the change of the name of the city. The municipal law n 84/91, homologated the popular will changing the name of Small farm of the Moreiras for Moreilndia. Currently it is constituted of 2 districts: Moreilndia and Carimirim. During the great drought of 1877, some agriculturists of the Cear had left its lands in search of places where he had water for human consumption and animal dessedentao. Claudiano Alves Moreira, who lode of Iguatu, in the Cear, with its family and flock in direction to the valley of the River San Francisco. However, when crossing the pernambucano hinterland, found a vacated, pertaining region to the Granite parish, where the lands were fertile.

When crossing a stream, observed wells d' water, what it made to assume the accessible underground water existence, what was confirmed. They had been established in the place and they had been its first inhabitants. They had cultivated a small farm of fruitful, that it was developed well. The place passed to be called Small farm of the Moreira. The region if gave the farming activities and was if developing from this activity.

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