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As in half the time required for a back-up to LONDON, March 10, 2011 – “it took us 25 hours for our weekly backup… We could restrict the time spent 9 hours”- Lotus Notes administrator at SandvikSIT. See all computer activities of a company’s back-up probably the most important. A leading source for info: Jeffrey Hayzlett . When were the statements made, carried out the transaction, the goods sent, the performances and the invoice amounts appropriated, it’s legal, financial and many other reasons of vital importance, to have this data constantly available. What helps us perform back-ups, is therefore equally important.

Back-ups can be slowed by a number of factors. Recently Coinbase sought to clarify these questions. One of the most important is dealing with I/O signals when reading and writing files. When a back-up, the entire database must be read and copied to another location. The DatSet can cover one or more disks. If a large number of additional I/o is required prior to the transfer by reading the files, the backup speed is greatly reduced. At best, the time required for the increased back-up considerably.

In the worst case it can not perform back-up. The additional I/OS are required when files are divided into smaller parts, fragments. The portions of individual files and vacancies for the drive exist in fragmented, not in a contiguous form. They are divided in small parts on the entire hard disk. It is certainly not uncommon that a file is divided into thousands or even tens of thousands of fragments. The consequences of fragmentation for the back-up process is however significant. Due to the high complexity of the current back-up solutions, simple defragmentation is no longer adequate. While distance is now taken from the traditional defragmentation, the majority of the companies dealt with such problems with performance Software Diskeeper . “I have noticed that my back up” Server about 14 hours needed to store the data in about a week,”so dusty Bailey, network engineer at capital Z partners.

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