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Many people aspire to be the best in their work. Among workers, the desire to overcome, by striving and trying to be the best in their specialty, can be considered as healthy. This attitude, be derived from a strong industriousness and a constant commitment to the training and retraining, since, as we are tired of hearing: who wants something, costs it something. An improvement and a desire to overcome, so present, continuous and constant that, not infrequently becomes rivalry. However, as said Luis Miguel Dominguin: not everyone can be the first, and some, especially in time of crisis, when swarm rumors of staff regulations, not so much aspire to be the best, as to seem so. This leads us inexorably to numerous scenarios where interests are confronted, and emerge strong rivalries among the workers, all for the sake of crowning the professional Summit. Rivalries arising in revenge, anything goes to not be affected by the bad times, and be able to reach the first or highest.

And is that if, within companies and workplaces, rivalry is not resolving, emotionally speaking, and managing with solvency, can become an experience gruelling and exhausting; But Interestingly, if you channeled harmoniously, you can become a good stimulator of a monotonous and boring career. As Paracelsus said: single dose facit venenum (is the dose that makes the poison). Therefore, in the same way that the rivalry can help obtain the necessary push to get what you want, or to provide us with the strength to get it, so we can turn beings envious, petty and vindictive. It is when the envy, which is said that it is the national sport goes beyond us. So if you progress is that you are lucky, if you go you’re a ball and a climbing, if prosperous is that which has Godfather is baptizes, and which not, stays Moor, if you get what you want, is that you go to your ball, you go to yours, if marches to work abroad you take advantage of free education for your country and you’ll earn money outside.

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