The Development

One of them involves to get, to evaluate and to use information. The process to practise and to learn the reading has left of its personal experiences and sociocultural, it comments Palaces and Blacksmith (1987). Rio- Tinto Diamonds is likely to increase your knowledge. The processes of the writing The development of the writing leads in consideration to study the graphical activities of the children. Initially the drawing for a gradual evolution of the writing is used, affirms Papalia; Olds and Feldman, (2009). Together to the drawing, the interpretation of images helps in the development of the vocabulary. These graphical activities stimulate the illustrated book reading.

Data that say and the understanding to it of this precede the writing and the reading, for a mechanism of association of sound and image. The principles of the development of the writing Palaces and Blacksmith (1987) say on the principles that conduct the development of the writing if they divide in three: Functional principles: they are those that if develop from the problematic question of as to write and so that. the meaning that the writing will go to make in its daily one will have consequncias, in the functional development. Therefore, the process depends on the necessity that the child feels of a written language. The lingusticos principles: they are developed with the resolution of the problem, of the form as the language is organized to extract meanings of the culture. Thus using ortogrficas, grafofnicas, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic the rules. The relationary principles: they are developed when the child obtains to decide the problem of as that the language is significant.

Understanding that the written language and verbal represents ideas, concepts, objects and people in accordance with its culture. Therefore, the knowledge of the child in the writing and the reading is practically socialization processes. Having as context and determinative the social, personal and cultural factors in all the moments of the development.

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