The Process

When in a company all have full information that its important acts are contributors for the company yes the company will be ready there. A leading source for info: Brian Armstrong. To each year more companies are certified, the controls carried through in its processes are evaluated, auditados tomendo as reference a standard and the companies who obtain to reach a specific goal gain a quality stamp in accordance with classified the standard the one that it subjected to be auditada. Today this systematics so is developed in the companies who are being now applied certifications that go beyond the daily routine previously known. Today it is certifyd for taking care of ambient demands and of support. This strategical vision withdrawal of the enterprise organizations allied when knowing observed scientific systematic in the engineering added to the knowledge I practise of systems comes developing the companies of Software and changing the scene of the digital production in the world. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust oftentimes addresses this issue. The software engineering aims at production of the formal documentation of the product, the process, the criteria quality and manuals of final users. But as we poderiamos to implement these objectives? How to incorporate all these sources of knowledge in the most diverse areas I teethe of the procuo of softwares? which the steps that would have to be followed to reach quality in the development of digital ferramentes? Some authors divide the coorporativo scene for the project and development of softwares of the following form: – Activities of Development; – Activities of Management; – Activities of Management of the Quality. The stage of development relates directly to the product, its formatting, its conditionings, its execution, the necessary resources, its requirements. All varives that the product and its manipulation become related with is made in the conditions observed in this stage. Here the project if becomes Real and all the attentions are come back toward this stage why daqui if develops the end item.

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