The Process

The process by which pain occurs is complex and therefore must not be subject of study at this time because it involves well-coordinated signals and impulses between nerve endings, thalamus and neurotransmitters to name a few. On the other hand, when it is diagnosed the cause of chronic pain and quality of life of the person affected is therefore prevented from performing daily activities or normal professional manner and in some cases may even require help to perform basic tasks. The constant use of painkillers, steroids and non-inflammatory steroids long term can cause some people to undesirable effects such as gastritis, heartburn, esophagitis, colitis and metabolic disorders among others.

Thus the importance of having access to other natural treatments that can complement the treatment without harmful side effects. Aromatherapy provides a very useful and valuable to help those who suffer from some form of reducing or controlling pain in a gentle, natural, non-invasive, no side effects and in some cases is up to the most economical way to restore welfare. Numerous studies have been done in England, USA and Japan to determine the effectiveness of essential oils in various diseases including those that cause pain and the use of certain essential oils into the perceived impact of pain because they help the people have a more positive attitude toward the disease. It has been shown that the effect possessing analgesic essential oils is due to the following factors: * The oils natural chemicals act directly on behavior, memory and pain perception.

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