The Story

Halbwachs shows, however, that a to be remembered or confirmed souvenir does not only depend on the certification of that they had literally been gifts in the happened one and now is capable to describe of lived form the scene where let us stow gifts and we do not remember. That is, exactly harvesting these some certifications that make possible the complete formation of the picture, with diverse details, this not yet would constitute a souvenir if it lacked our proper certification. Through the story of others, I could reconstruct the scene and I really there was, I had an active participation in the happened one, but, the scene did not leave no trace in my memory. Being thus, without the story of some witnesses this ticket never will consist a souvenir for me, and will be disabled to integrate my memory.

This even so complete picture, does not bring me no emotion, because it was constructed total by others, does not have elements in this picture that me are familiar, this image is not part of my picture of knowledge. What it will make or not part of our memory, this related, as says Halbwachs, as to such event it affected in relation other people. Events that are routine, that they are part mechanically of our lives, that ticket that nor we need to think about them for cumpriz them, hardly will become a souvenir for we, therefore we pass for them we disdain and them, in certain way is as if we said that these events do not have no function not to be to fill the space/time. Folman, in the film Waltz with Bashir, quickly perceives this, therefore when receiving some certifications, obtain until a visualization of the scenes, that is, it mounts the picture of what it occurred, but this visualization does not help it to remember, is as if the people were counting a film to it where it does not recognize nothing, nor nobody, lacks then its personal part in the break-head..

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