The Universe

The energy is the base of all the existence, incorporeal material and, that hangs in the universe. This is proven. It processes itself and develops in infinite forms. Ones of the main forms is the life, the vital energy that also if of the one in many other forms. espiritualidade human being if of the one under two main factors: the universal vital energy and the conscience human being. Two mysteries that if add. The mystery of the vital energy and the mystery of the human brain.

A organic mass with electric impulses that are responsible for all the intellectual capacity that in them differentiates of all the other forms of life. The espiritualismo if of the one for the transformations, movements and permanncias of the energy forms. The majority of the old religions as the Buddhism, Hindusmo, cult to the Orisss (candombl in Brazil) and the many cults to the ancestral amerindians directed its doctrines and rites under the logic of the permanence and transformations of the human spirit, of the vital energy human being. Such movement also is understood as something that acquires or not some type of evolution, being such evolution in accordance with the conscience. Example: carma of the eastern religions if overloads or if it in accordance with illuminates the type of life and conscience while materialized.

In the human beings, while energies materialized and with conscience we make use of the performance and contact with energies human beings not materialized, what we call mediunidade. That is our conscience allows a relation differentiated with such energies, and is this that we call espiritualismo. The espritos, or energies human beings not materialized in different levels of development, act constantly between us. Throughout the history of the humanity some of these espritos if had detached for its high degree of evolution of the conscience while livings creature, materialized.

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