Thesis Ideas

Technique 3. Free Scripture. With the groups of ideas that have been obtained with the preceding techniques, the following step is to write paragraphs of around 5 lines with the groups of ideas. It is important that at this moment You feel you free to write does and it without stopping until finishes this activity. Technique 4. Delineation of the article. This is without a doubt the most important technique to write a good article. It is an excellent complement of the other techniques of pre-script.

It consists of delineating secondary the main ideas and that they will be developed more ahead. What interests now is to establish the structure or " esqueleto" of the article. Next we are going to put an example of how an article for a certain subject can be delineated. In this case, we are going to choose the subject: how to reduce the environmental contamination. Of this form, the delineation of this article would have the following scheme: Thesis: All the people we can contribute to diminish the environmental contamination.

Main idea 1. We can realise recycling. Secondary idea 1.1. Plastic recycling. Secondary idea 1.2. Recycling of paper. Secondary idea 1.3. Recycling of organic remainders. Main idea 2. To reuse things secondary Idea 2.1. To reuse clothes. Secondary idea 2.2. Reencauchar rims. Secondary idea 2.3. To reuse plastic covers. Main idea 3. To save resources. Secondary idea 3.1. Forms to save water. Secondary idea 3,2. ideas to save light. Secondary idea 3.3. How it is possible to be saved fuels. Conclusion: Through simple measures, the contamination can be fallen environmental. 2. WRITING Proper To continue Original author and source of the article.

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