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"So, gost 30674-99 recommends the installation conditions under which the sealing assembly clearances should be around the perimeter of the window tight, tight. "To fill the assembly gaps (seams) used silicone sealants, pre-compressed sealing tape psul (compression tape), insulating polyurethane cords penoutepliteli, mineral wool and other materials that are hygienic conclusion and provide the required operational performance joints. Also in 2008 the country was put into effect gost R 52749-2007. "Stitches installation of windows with self-expanding vapor-permeable tape (PSUL). "It is by this standard, we recommend use our partners to install window systems from our PPQ-profile – says Rafik Alekperov.

It should be noted that in the gost R 52749-2007 determined that the warranty period of the mounting weld made according to standard – "Not less than five years from the date of signing of acceptance." Thus, during this time in the event of any problems with the seam consumer can file a claim installers. As an alternative Fashion insulation seam instead psul allowed to use special sealers. With their help, you also create an external waterproofing, vapor permeable layer that protects the heater. Misted windows Appearance condensate – the problem that most other owners are complaining of plastic windows. But usually, the reason for this phenomenon is not married, and high tightness of the construction. The fact that indoor air is always contains water vapor formed as a result of cooking, breathing, human and otherwise. Setting a new sealed box, the people, thus "cover" out of moisture on the street.

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