UTI Care

The team of health and the aged one in UTI. The health team has an important hospitalized paper with the aged one in the UTI, as much to guarantee the balance of its organic and emotional functions, as to the same assist in the confrontation and acceptance of the internment. Not obstante, same team is this that, many times, propitiates the development of the process of depersonalization and robbing of these patients, being that these situations need to be rethink in felt of if searching mechanisms that can modify them. We believe that a emptica relation, a humanizada assistance and a comprometimento with the personalized care will positively contribute for the adaptation of the individual to the UTI, favoring its physical and emotional balance. It is important to stand out the work of team based on the cooperation of the different ones to know partilhados for all, leading to the enrichment of the professionals configured in the accomplishment of a care not centered in the doctor, but yes in the patient, to know interrelacionando them of each profession, that is, a work to interdisciplinar for the reach of an only objective: the care with quality to the UTI customer, in particular to the aged one. The nursing if comes across with the difficulty between following the existing technological advance and transforming its to make technician in a humanizada art, entering, thus, in the experience of the other. Understanding that the family is the social organization that forms the individual and that this, in a hospitalization process, it does not have to be considered isolated. Considering despite the communication is the basic instrument of the care in nursing and that its object of care is the man, this work objectified to understand as the communication process occurs and as the familiar assistance of nursing for of patients interned in the UTI happens.

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