5 Years VideoCounter.com: Integrated Video Marketing, YouTube To Smart TV

European market leader for video distribution integrated SmartTVs in comprehensive solution for the moving company VideoCounter.com users can Web films with just a click on over 25 video and social media platforms and now also on televisions with Internet access, called SmartTV devices, publish (www.videocounter.com/ pages/produkte/smarttv-app.php). Because what your smartphone users have learned to spread increasingly on domestic TV sets with Internet connection: the installation and use of small applications, known as apps. In June 2007, the online service launched VideoCounter.com. Dr. Robert Biermann, Executive Board of VideoCounter.com performing Web effects, recalls.

“A year before Google YouTube had taken over and we saw a new opportunity for our customers, very qualified to operate online marketing here. VideoCounter.com however was initially a pure statistics tool, with the one for multiple video portals at one point counted his video starts, the so-called views, make couldn’t – hence the name “VideoCounter”. This changed quickly. Only a year later was a completely new version unlocked, which now included the video distribution, so the automatic uploading videos to video sharing sites, the focus was and this statistics. “VideoCounter.com distributed videos automatically currently on over 25 video portals and social networking sites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook or XING. Users, mostly companies, video producers and agencies with promotional videos, benefit when their customer acquisition from a range increased by 500% at the same time an enormous time saver.” Smartphones spread greatly in the years since 2008.

User behavior can be changed through the intensive use of mobile phones with Internet access and ultimately in terms of how related the tablets. “Now we take the next step consistently” reported Biermann and added: “apps on a TV connected to the Internet are increasingly used. Also this communication opportunity we are developing now for VideoCounter.com users through the development and programming of smart TV apps for businesses and agencies.” And this is how:-VideoCounter.com develops for its customers a Videoapp, either on the basis of a standard or individual. -This Videoapp is logged in their “app stores” on different platforms. -The VideoCounter.com users can upload a video, it can determine with a tick, that this film should be available also in its Videoapp. -VideoCounter.com accepts the hosting and streaming of video views. -The use of this TV apps with their videos is centrally documented together with the video views on the various portals. Baker closes off with: “focused with the distribution of video on acquiring new customers, so the smart-TV-video-app by VideoCounter.com serves more customer loyalty. So a perfect marketing technical supplement within an online service for the comprehensive release of videos with just one click.” Press contact: Web effect AG Dr. Robert Baker Magnus str. 18 46535 dinslaken, Germany FON: 02064/4867-0 fax: 02064 / 4867-VideoCounter.com is 19 of VideoCounter.com a free online application in the basic version, distributed the video files automatically on different video portals and social networks and statistics gathered. The user is freed from the time-consuming uploading process and raised by the spread at the same time his chances more online contacts. Customer loyalty is supported via the integrated multi-platform smart TV app. VideoCounter.com is owned since 2007 by the Web effect AG, dinslaken, Germany. The Web effect AG is a company founded in 1997 with the focus on international online marketing and application development. These include among other things SEO, SEM, VSEO with appropriate check of success.

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