Biometrico Reader

If you to use a password to protect its laptop, its password can be capable to be crackeada by another person. However, if you to use the biomtrico system, become much more difficult of being clonada. This system is capable to detect the fingerprints or of the retina, in way that only the proprietor can open the lock. By means of biomtricos systems, other people will not be capable to open the existing system in its portable computer without having its fingerprints or of retina. Therefore, some manufacturers of computers are now offering laptops that they are constructed with systems of biomtrica identification of fingerprints. This system is useful to prove the authenticity of the user on the basis of the similarities of the fingerprints that are stored when software is executed for the first time. However, the biomtricos devices have some disadvantages. In first place, this device is difficult to use.

In fact, it is capable to reduce the security risks, but it can to be frustrating when it is used. It occurs, for example, when the register of logins with processes of constantementes imperfections is requested. Old, if you wanted that its laptop was equipped with biomtrico device of security, you you would have to acquire an additional equipment to connect it through a plate PC or in door USB. Generally, she was cheap, but he would have to be in compliance with the operational system. Already in new notebooks HP' s in its majority, already is integrated with ' ' biomtrico reader, or ' ' to finger print' ' of fbrica' '. The use of biomtrico device is more than considered what the use of passwords for the security of laptop. To install sensors of fingerprint in portable computers can be more advantageous of what using only one password criptografia of data. Moreover, it is very useful to protect given when it is combined with a criptografia software. The last versions of notebooks HP, as for example Series G and HP Pavilion are recommended for who search last technology in system of biomtrica reading, since beyond faster, possesss little bugs and imperfections in the process of recognition of the user.

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