Bad Food Distribution

What in fact it supports the human being physically is being for second plain. In a government model where the population is faced as monetary flow, little imports the ones that do not influence for this. The hunger left of being seen as fight for the survival, where strongest they survived and they gave continuity to its species. Currently, we enxergamos in common way, or we close the eyes for it. The society that does not know what it is to feel hunger closes the eyes for it feels that it. Already the government, main responsible for the society in one all, faces and dribbles without giving justifications for such occurrence. The hunger that I cite is of food, since we are a devoid society of as much other things.

Hunger this that was not to exist; if it has food for all, why some do not possess? We read notice of that the food exportation and importation of one determined country had grown as much percent; in this exactly country or a neighboring country it has as many unfed people. This occurs for the economic competition of the government and of people. Some always want to have more than the others. Those that has bigger income wage, little donate for the ones of income lower. In a society of economic character it is difficult to imagine the equality social, however, the problem of the hunger could not exist; I do not speak of luxury, I speak of necessity. The feeding is necessary for the survival human being.

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