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For the religious ones: Bacteria do not exist ' ' saints/especiais' ' all the organic bodies contain the sets of the same ones! The symbiosis this gift. 4) – the love, the hatred and other instincts are complementation for the continuity of certain groups, for example, as the mammals. The reactions of certain people and […]

Bad Food Distribution

What in fact it supports the human being physically is being for second plain. In a government model where the population is faced as monetary flow, little imports the ones that do not influence for this. The hunger left of being seen as fight for the survival, where strongest they survived and they gave continuity […]

Practical Reason

For Kant, to make public use of the reason consists of the fact of the individual independently to reveal, ahead of everything what it is and it composes the public being, its point of view in relation to all and any question that if develops inside of the public scope. For it, the individual that […]

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