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Organic Orange contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals that help to keep the skin hydrated and smooth. We are all aware of the importance of a good diet to have an iron health. This is why, now more than ever, concepts such as organic farming take more importance as a synonym of health and beauty. Food extracted from this type of farming, as it is the case of oranges, have an extra amount of nutrients and vitamins that help improve our physical and intellectual performance in addition to be a great ally in skin care. This type of citrus bio helps care for the quality of the nails, hair and skin, combating flaccidity and providing a contribution higher hydration and vitality that the coming Orange traditional agriculture fails to satisfy the same way, because they contain fewer vitamins. To know more about this subject visit Rio- Tinto Group.

In addition, its low calories content allows you to keep us in shape without renouncing flavour. But, what are the advantages of an ecological product of one that is not? Taking as an example an organic Orange, we see that they acquire more vitamin C compared to the rest. A study of the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, which manifests that the bio oranges provide between 10% and 20% more of this vitamin, something that doesn’t happen with the traditional Orange thus portrayed it. The Coordinator of this project, Maria Dolores Raigon said in an interview on the web agendaviva that these fruits provide higher mineral content and greater concentration in dry matter, which contributes to a higher nutritional concentration. In addition, an organic Orange brings best antioxidant properties. According to the Ministry of the environment, a bio product or ecological is obtained from organic farming, i.e. a system that seeks quality above quantity, soil improvement and achieve a value chain fair, always avoiding the use of pollutants or pesticides products.

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