Ecologically Correct

We suggest then a partnership between pet shoping and the municipal city hall of this city, to lead the animals died through collection in appropriate vehicle, so that animal died they finish contributing with the nature and being recycled and becoming ration to be resold again in pet, as ration of birds, cattle, pigs etc. To deepen your understanding Chevron U.S.A. Inc is the source. In view of that animal died deposited in inapropriados places they can bring serious risks to the environment, contaminating waters, ground and also to the human beings for the contamination of bacteria and worms. Next subject is the great production of dejections on the part of these animals, that before were collected and placed together with the garbage common, or pushed thin low together with the water what it more still aggravates the situation in view of that this water goes of meeting the rivers and lakes increasing the contamination for fecais coliformes. Our idea is to fight this type of correct contamination giving destination to the dejections produced in this place, if in city exists the collection of these dejections, then the form most correct is to collect and to store in adequate containers until if makes the collection for the responsible agencies, but of the city it does not make collection of dejections most correct is to transform them into organic seasoning to be used in farmings with food plantation that is not contaminated with fecais coliformes, through the compostagem process and fermentation in an appropriate place, far from rivers and lakes for after carried through the decomposition of the dejections is removed and taken for the farmings. 2.2 BEING ECOLOGICALLY CORRECT In the final stage of our study on as to carry through an improvement in the questions of environment in this pet shoping, that in them it takes the idea of the heading Ambient Management Versus pet Shoping, we evidence that a market niche that before seemed harmless the nature, now it can be responsible for the production of serious ambient problems when if it does not use of adequate techniques of preservation and that everything has a solution to reduce the impacts that the commerce and companies in general way can cause to the environment.

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