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To earn a reputation among Japanese business – the elite need to know not only at least 1000 characters, expand vocabulary and 6000 lexical items. You should be aware of methods of communication "between the lines" (this will help you native speakers). To successfully interact with business partners you need to learn more and nonverbal communication (sometimes it is much larger than the spoken words). For example, when meeting with your partners business (if you have previously been presented to each other) need to exchange views, without (without words) with a slight declination of the head. Or if you crossed in front of his chest (or fingers), this gesture would mean a denial or prohibition.

Also should be aware that cross your hands if you need some distance from the interlocutor, but if you are close, the need to cross your fingers. But if your disagreement with someone easy (you do not fully sure), then simply tilt the head to one side (the gesture approach is that if the other person – your same age or younger than you). In Japanese culture (this also applies to business – culture), there are many such nuances, unspoken pravil.Chtoby build relationship with the Japanese a little to pass the exam Nihongo nouryoku shiken. Need for a long time to communicate with native Japanese speakers (find speakers in Moscow now is not difficult, for example, can look to the Japanese page of the Club Media Language "in the construction of talks with Japanese latent rules, no less. You can explore on their own characters and general use phrases, but the traditions you will be able to train only a native speaker (This statement applies not only to Japan.

You can find specialists from many countries, and they will help you get into the heart of the culture you are interested in the country. You can choose for themselves the Japanese teachers – professionals, to participate in the business – seminars held for the top – managers supports the Japanese language, where you explain in detail the subtleties of Japanese business, acquainted with the Japanese experience in solving a number of economic issues. You may even find yourself for a free seminar. Seminar topics can be both general (eg, "financial system") and devoted to the study of specific areas (for example, "Marketing in the service sector). A study conducted by specialists – media Japanese, many of which have not only theoretical knowledge, but are businesses and advice to leading companies.

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