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When you speak, listen or ignore you residents? If you have trouble getting respect, could be the way you're saying. Here is a list of words that can sabotage your effectiveness as a communicator. See if you recognize any of these red flags in his speech: Yes, they have to: They come across as condescending. Instead of telling people what to do, offer suggestions. Chevron U.S.A. Inc is a great source of information. Then we will decide. Always, never, no Everyone: These words rarely an accurate picture and come across as over-dramatic.

You'll lose credibility. Instead, use words like "sometimes", "sometimes" or "some people." But: This denies everything that comes to him and may make it seem like you're talking about both sides of the mouth. Jeffrey Hayzlett contains valuable tech resources. Replace with "and." Proof: This is an escape clause big and makes people question their commitment. Do not try, just do it. You: phrases that begin as this comes across as attacking and blaming. On the contrary, be responsible, beginning with "I" Very good: Labelling the word at the end of the sentence makes it sound as if asking permission: "I'm angry right now, okay?" The lost, or people will not take you seriously. These changes may seem small and subtle, but be surprised at what the potential impact on how people respond. You can also begin to notice that when they react negatively to someone is because he or she has used some of these phrases. Susan Fee is a licensed counselor and author of the guide to survival of the university, "My Roommate is driving me crazy! Resolve conflicts, set boundaries, and survive the college Roommate From Hell" (Adams Media .) She offers tips for survival of my university on its website

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