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A gourmet is a person with a delicate taste and exquisite palate, connoisseur of the significantly refined dishes, which has the capability of being taster dining talents to test the level of flavor, fineness and quality of certain foods. At EspeciasdeCalidad.com we want to get a little more close to the world gourmet and contribute to your clients and your dishes refined taste that they deserve. Here you can find information on some of the most famous spices and learn a little more about them. We have also selected the best quality and variety of products, being able to find our spices store various sizes both in foil pouch and jar. We can only tell you that if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can call us or ask us any questions through our contact form. The Region of Murcia is supplying from the 19th century, the largest and best quality paprika that consumes both the Spanish market as the European. The control structure certifies that the paprika from Murcia is obtained by traditional procedures such as they could be a manual picking, drying in the Sun or desrabado manual.

There is not another as the paprika from Murcia. A paprika that fills with color, aroma and flavor everything it touches. A paprika that differentiates their products from others, to make them the favorite. The paprika from Murcia stands out due to its colouring, fatty and tasty power with unattainable organoleptic properties for other peppers. An ingredient capable of further improving your product or your dish. Murcia paprika is the product resulting from milling fully red peppers of the ball variety, collected ripe, healthy, clean and dry. The quality of the paprika from Murcia is endorsed by the experience of the traditional Garden, which have been developing it since he arrived in America.

Then, they were elongated and spicy. Due to the environmental conditions of this zone of the Spanish Southeast (Subtropical Mediterranean climate with low rainfall and high temperatures, saline soils and scarce water resources) and techniques of cultivation, your way It was rounding up and lost its taste spicy becoming sweet character. How to get the pepper of Murcia: starts in seedbeds of farmers with seeds selected for themselves the first catching the previous harvest and Sun dried fruits. It is transplanted from early April to the definitive terrain, which have been given preparatory work to desterronar it, straighten it and fluff it and incorporate mineral and natural fertilizers. Planting can be in three ways: through plastic padding; in furrows; or with localised irrigation. In any case risks should avoid flooding because the plants are sensitive to root asphyxia. Pest and disease treatments are applied mostly with integrated and organic farming methods. Once ripe, the fruit is harvested manually and staggered and dried in the Sun for several days, or hot air dryers. The final moisture content of the shell should be a maximum of 14%.

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