Fruit Choices

Today, the store is a wide selection of fruits, both domestic and exotic. But they must be able to choose from. Of course, in most cases, you can choose fruit, focusing on their appearance, although appearance is deceptive. Fruits have a different set of vitamins, different shelf life, different possibilities for maturation. With regard to vitamins, more varied fruit in your diet – the better. This applies mainly to their colors: Fruits different colors are different on the set that they contain vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamin A (carotene) found in red-orange fruit: watermelon, oranges, peaches.

Citrus rich in vitamin C and potassium. Eating fruits of different colors, you will provide a variety of vitamins. Diamonds may not feel the same. Another point to which attention should be paid – it's maturity. Some fruits ripen before the gathering, the other – after, the third – just prior to harvest. Thus, Fruit from the first group it is possible to buy and immature and let them ripen at home: it's apples, pears, bananas, mangoes. The color of fruits is dependent not only on their degree of maturity, but also on the variety. But if you choose oranges, peaches, berries or melon, they must already be ripe.

Apples should be firm pears – soft, but those and others without stains and dents. Bananas should be yellow or greenish, and if they were dark, so overripe. The color of citrus must be uniform, without spots and a whitish coating, skin should not be too thick, as it says on the abundance of nitrates. Choose a watermelon by clicking on it – a ringing sound indicates his maturity, as well as dry tail. Melon should be soft, bright yellow and fragrant. If the grapes are easily detached from the branches, it is said that he sang. Ripe apricots and peaches should be velvety and soft when pressed, not green. Avocados soft enough, but if you hear the sound of shaking the seeds, it means he overripe (unripe fruit, by contrast, can hold the house). Ripe and tasty papaya – yellow. If there is a chance to try fruit before purchase, for example, in the market, you should do it. Well, if you can afford to buy organic fruit – the fruit is grown without chemical fertilizers, and to store them is not used treatment. In these fruits more vitamins and nutrients than in large ones, "glossy" fruit grown using chemicals. In general, fruit from the third world (unlike China), more pure. Ideally you should buy fruit grown in the region closest to you. And do not forget to wash them. If you reluctantly take the time to choose fresh and tasty fruit – will help you: delivery of food to the house in Kazan

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