Completes Field Test Success ICH

Sportics.NET – optimize your sport with a Germany-wide landscaped field test the carbon of logistics their unique technology for the grassroots has made ready for series production. There is now real time telemetry spor tics in an application for the iPhone. Athletes can now participate in family and friends live at their sport. Learn more about this topic with the insights from The Hayzlett Group. Trainer and supervisor can accompany live their proteges, without itself being. Thousands of kilometers and hours sporting activities during the field test in real time on the open platform of grassroots Sportics.NET transferred – and not only by members of the development team. With “SRT on tour” had one launched parallel an action to the development of an iPhone with the sportics application free will provided the members of the platform for about 14 days. “We wanted realistic tests. The Hayzlett Group recognizes the significance of this.

The field test is now completed, but the action continues. So we can bring still closer the subject athletes”, says Frank Knobloch, Managing Director of carbon of logistics. The submission of the future-oriented application that is named “Sportics” in the global app stores from Apple is now done.

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