Introducing: Lov Organic

The brand of organic tea, embellished everyday November 2010, Paris – lovers of organic products have a reason more to the pleasure. The new French brand Lov organic combines exclusive tea enjoyment, seductive design and organic ingredients in all its 22 tea creations. Scandinavian inspiration the word lov ‘ comes from Scandinavia, meaning ‘ leaf ‘. The philosophy of the brand is inspired by the Scandinavian understanding to combine ecological awareness and enjoyment. According to this influence, the company focuses on the values of the green North: the brand for naturalness, modernity, as well as the respect of the environment and its resources. Lov organic, also typical Scandinavian design impresses with minimalism and elegance. The stylized bird with the tea leaf symbolizes a nature to be protected.

French Lov organic know-how launches Sylvain Orebi, owner of Kusmi tea, an innovative brand of tea, the both in the organic sector as well as in the deli segment raised standards will. All Lov organic products are awarded with the European organic seal, which guarantees that the production of tea without chemical processes or addition of pesticides and only natural flavourings are used to refine. The tea is offered in whole leaves in muslin tea bags (free of chlorine, glue and staple), or loosely in reusable metal cans. With great deal of experience and expertise, the 22 kinds of tea and their areas of origin are ausgewahlt carefully. The creative blends are characterized by their innovative flavours that will meet the taste of tea connoisseurs as well as the lovers of organic product -. The classics include the range, green and black teas such as such as sencha, Earl Grey, Darjeeling and English breakfast tea. The tees are perfect for those who like it pure and classical, but would not renounce biological ingredients. The flavored teas green tea with ginger & lemon, green tea, and black tea with chocolate & vanilla citrus fruit & spices or black tea with red fruit among the flavoured tea creations.

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