Organic Production

This production is a rescue of one technique of culture forgotten with the implantation of the Green Revolution in the postwar period, that in the truth was the Revolution of the Chemical Industry, that raising the flag of the eradication of the hunger, abandoned good the practical ones of the alimentary security. Supported in a mercantilista philosophy it massacreed with an intense propaganda all the alternatives that did not pass for the use of synthetic chemical products. However, one of the effect of the massificao of information, with ample spreading of the notice for the media, the common citizen starts to take knowledge of true risks that runs when consuming a produced food of the form established in the memorandum of understanding, potentially contaminated with residues txicos’ ‘. Admittedly, the indiscriminate pesticide use, agriculture, caused diverse problems of ambient order in what it says respect to the food contamination, ground and water; poisoning of animals and agriculturists; resistant sprouting of patgenos, plagues and invading plants to the chemical products comumente used.

Moreover, the great dependence of external insumos for the conventional food production led to the impoverishment of the agricultural populations, as well as of the abandonment of the field for youngest in search of better conditions of life in the cities. In this scene the organic producers start to receive the support from the population. Knowing the principles of the organic production, the citizen starts to identify it as quality food reference.

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