They have been created by force of accidents, or by external mechanical excitations education, imitation, reading, hypnotism of religion, castes and traditions, or the seduction of the latest "slogan" give birth in the personality of the man, Ts strong dominating whole series of other Ts weaker. The man has no individuality. I do not have a big one. The man is divided into a multitude of small Ts. But each of them is able to call himself the name of all, to act in the name of all, to make promises, make decisions, to agree or disagree with the other "I", or the Whole, would have to do. This explains why people make decisions so often and so rarely enforced. A man decides to get up early, starting from tomorrow.

An "I" or a group of Ts making that decision. But waking up is another problem of "I" that does not agree at all, and perhaps not even been made aware. Gurdjieff also mentions the importance of being attentive when knowledge exceeds trachea too when it becomes theoretical, abstract, irrelevant to life, yet can become harmful because instead of serving life and helping people in their struggle against the difficulties that beset such knowledge begins to complicate everything, certainly, but no longer can bring new challenges, new problems and all sorts of calamities that never existed before. When knowledge takes precedence over the self, the man knows, but has no power to make a knowledge is useless. Conversely, when the individual takes precedence over knowledge, man has the power to do, but do not know what to do. In human history, we find examples of entire civilizations that perished either because their knowledge surpassed his being or because their knowledge to be surpassed. " Cristina Wolczuc indicates that there are so many possibilities to choose the awakening.

To the extent that it is understood essentially to Gurdjieff, daily life is presented as a total discovery. It is one of several real ways to avoid falling into the SA because. In fall into the sadness of the unknown. And the reality is that to the extent that we learn to know ourselves, there is no alternative to know more-business environment. a com Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. UC EGADE (ITESM) Graduate degrees in business administration, quality and productivity, education Ed.D. Professor of Graduate Area Faces UC. Your Business Consultant Deproimca advisor, Exatec

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