Organic Market

The market for organic food in Japan is still in its infancy, as they let him assume the official figures on the area cultivated with organic in relation to the total area of cultivation. It is only 0.6% of the areas of agricultural production. Another figure that confirms the still precarious state of the organic participation in the Japanese market was recently published by the German newspaper TAZ, about a survey in Japan. Only half of the respondents were aware of the concept of organic in relation to food and only 3% could explain what was in it. According to experts in the field, the Japanese consumer tends to choose foods that buys mainly guided by the appearance of the products, without wondering about the origin and production methods.

In that sense are clear advantage conventional food producers. Moreover, beauty and aesthetics in general are of the utmost importance for the Japanese society. This is why organic personal care products have achieved higher levels of access to the Japanese market than food from non-conventional biological origin. Moritz Langgsse organicos.

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