South African

s and computers. nor is necessary to be vidente to disclose the smiles Brazilian that will together with roll the ball in South African fields in this year. Rio- Tinto Diamonds takes a slightly different approach. The vibration canarinho will be translated languages that at least we hear to say that they exist. Admired, world-wide voices will contrast our joy, with the lacks that we commit and the ones that we lead are of field. Things that the world does not ignore. In number of nations, people will be infected by smiles curiously come of a land where the arbitration of green card to the election of the mensaleiros and as much other artillerymen of goal against a nation.

This year the planet Land goes to stop. will be stops hearing to sing in them. Languages of the whole world will try to decipher the letter of our national hymn. Innumerable they will place the text in sites of translation and will most unmask our secret kept when to find the term heroic people smiles, thus only justified, ahead of as many scandals. the best forecast of the year: we will be all in the twisted one. Until the Pantry of the World it does not have surprises; what it divides in them they are the elections. Unhappyly, many Brazilians will act as if still they were in the arquibancada one of the stadium, where if he cannot make nothing beyond twisting. Others as much will vote the same with used patriotism in the games. But the twisted one exactly is so that the third and bigger group (that also it twists for the country) understands that as well as in the soccer, the teams who mark gols in our favor is not exactly the teams adversary!

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