The New Communication

It means to leave the communication of traditional mass and to participate of a conversation. Action: To take something important for the Twitter: Example (transmission of a show) Brazilian Social nets like if seeing there. They are personalistas. For each action a Target key for the success. The Information in the age of web 2,0 is of person for person and not as mass advertising. The Consumer is not plus one only in the multitude.

It is only in the way of all. Pillars of the mark. Applicatory it must have social text. Not institucional, and to atrelar to mark. Example: Company x promotes protest against the deforestation in the Amaznia. Important: Friends influence in the clicks in links and purchases.

To monitor on osperfis ones to the others is important to know which the degree deaproximao of those people. Example of action: Friends combine to go aum shopping g and to lanchar in the square of> feeding. If company x delanche to offer to discounting they, the campaign possibility mouth the feitapor mouth these potential customers will bring more seguidoresinteressados customers/in also having a discounting x. Clearly that now to deveremosfazer another type of action, not organized had to the number departicipantes involved. > We have that of something to receive in exchange. (dictated popular that has everything to see with the new form of advertising) It comments on the article. Its opinion is very important. It sees more: The communication moved, or better we move. How the Communicators must use the sites of Social Nets in favor of the Journalism?

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