The Valley

Examples: The bridge River – Niteri, the Administrative city of Minas Gerais. The steel yields the pressure, to the heat, but they come back to the normal one. 4.Resilncia in psychology: We can see the Resilncia in the capacity of the human being to return to its emotional balance after to suffer great pressures or estresse. After the losses, dear being and of company. After the diseases, of the accidents. After I cry it. (Sl 30,5 I cry) It can last a night, but the joy comes for morning. 5.Resilncia in the theology: We can see the Resilncia in the theology we find people saying that the suffering is part of the growth spiritual even though Jesus taught to give to another face.

II? WHAT the BIBLE SAYS ON the resilentes RESILNCIA 1.Pessoas they make a source in the barren valley: (Sl 84,6) That, passing for the valley of Baca, it makes of it a source; rain also fulls the tanks. Baca means tears. The Valley of Baca was also called: The valley of the Lamentations, Barren valley, valley of Tears and valley of the Blsameiras. This balsam that grew there as plant tripping, did not need water, it cried its perfumed balsam that all felt when crossing for the valley of Baca. All travelling the Sio passed for the valley of Baca. Being barren it, caminhantes opened wells to kill its headquarters, the same must make we when crossing the valley of the difficulty. 2.Pessoas resilentes takes off force of the Weakness: (Hb 11,34) They had erased the force of the fire, had escaped of the wire of the sword, the weakness had taken off forces, in the battle if they had strengthenn, had put in escape the armies of the strangers. 3.Pessoas resilentes grasps of promises of the Force: (Is 40,29) Of the force to the tired one, and it multiplies the forces what it does not have no vigor.

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