The Reality

Following the reasoning of that the technology is part of the social life of the pupil, this also must is present in the pertaining to school life of that one. In this perspective, the necessary professor to have the capacity to use the knowledge that the pupil already it possesss as referencial to develop the theoretical contents. On this way of accomplishment of the technological alfabetizao of Sampaio professor (1999) it says that ' ' the Intention must be to become this citizen an operating professional in the society, that contributes with significant an educative work, next to the reality of aluno' ' (P. 73), being this the base for all and any form of education. This process of technological alfabetizao of the professor says respect to the qualification of the same in dealing with the different technologies and the capacity to interpret its language. But for in such a way, this necessary educator initially to dominate the involved techniques in this process and life in constant perfectioning, which if of the one for the daily relation with the technologies gifts in the world each globalizado time more.

EAD AND the PROFESSOR OF the FUTURE to show how much the technology if has shown present in new practical of education education the learning, a good example is system EAD, in the long-distance Education, interaction with the professor is indirect and has of being mediatizada by a combination of the most adjusted supports communication technician, what it becomes this modality of education well more dependent of the mediatizao that the conventional education, of where the great importance of the technological ways elapses (BELLONI, 2000, P. 54) Valley to stand out that to mediatizar it means to generate education methodologies that allow the maximum potencializao of learning possibilities. From this concept, it is verified necessity of a previous knowledge of the different techniques that can be used for such objective, amongst which if can cite: Informatizados CD-ROM, games, podcasts, MSN, slides, livespace, videos, hipertextos, etc.

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