Coal Furnaces

The suspension burning have many applications, mainly because it permits burning of oil, pulverized coal, and natural gas. Coal The pulverized has always presented itself an advantageous alternative will be uses in the thermal electricity. The uses of pulverized coal requires adds special care with flame stability and fuel preparation, involving conveyors, silos, mills and complementary operation systems. The furnaces adapted with grill or fluidized beds ploughs used strictly in small or mid size units and ploughs designed will be solid fuels. The high ash content, to larger constituent of mineral coal, to together with the others low grating fuel, has been applied you fluidized bed furnaces, or to other alternative process of direct burning. 03%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Karen Edwards often says this. This work was developed you review these burning you process and you analyze possible adjustments you improve the efficiency of the steam generator with the intention you fit the needs of each design in particular and enable the uses of the mineral coal which is abundant in the south of Brazil. Keywords: Coal, combustion, burn, furnaces.

Introduction the generation of electric energy in Brazil is sidewalk in a predominantly hydraulical park, deserving prominence at this moment of energy crisis, the diversification of our electrical park, wants either through the incorporation improvements in the termeltricas, it wants either through the implantation of systems cogerao and through the incorporation of energies you renewed. Many are the factors that force the industry of Brazilian electricity to move. These factors include substantial improvements in the efficiency of the boilers of thermoelectrial (including technological improvements in the emissions of pollutants) and the contrary public feeling to the rationing and other turbulences in the daily one of the electricity users. Of this form, this article foresees a study of the burning of the coal in furnaces of used vapor generators in thermoelectrial searching improvements in the efficiencies, in which three types will be evaluated: it burns in suspension, it burns in grate or it burns in fluidizado stream bed.

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