Fine District System

In 2002 it assumed the identity of the Cangri to carry out under his own seal (the Inc. Congris) his work In this disc the subject the great robbery, that is included it counted on the exceptional collaboration of Lito in his recording. Right that same year carried out the first Reggaeton Tour, a promotional tour of concerts designed to occur to know in diverse cities of States United. With this objective one rose scenes of Philadelphia, Spreengfield, Massachussets and Boston. To the discography of Daddy Yankee system the recording in the 2003 of his third disc, the Home-runes is added to him. Once again it counted on the numerous support of his fans, that was sent to the purchase of this work turning it into another great success of sales. Its last sent record work to the market until the moment is Fine District, that the light the 13 of July of the 2004 saw.

One of the subjects more known this disc is Gasoline, that just a short time after its opening was able to raise itself in the first Latin positions of the prestigious lists of the North American magazine Billboard. The musical race of Daddy Yankee system goes beyond the publication of its discs. From very young it has collaborated with numerous musicians as the group Peanut and has had the honor to share scene with stars of the stature of Olga Tan and Domingo Quiones, the respective kings of the Latin meringue and the sauce. Also it traveled until the city of New York to record with NAS, one of the more famous American raperos. The songs and videos of Daddy Yankee system are had including in diverse discs of other artists. Thus, the name of Daddy Yankee system has been associated productions like The Piece Maker (of D.J Tony Touch), the Trajectory (with the Metela subject with candle) and The Best Reggeton Beats, where it interprets Cat gangster next to Don Omar.

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