Each person’s diet depends on each one’s metabolic type: proteins, carbohydrates, or mixed. It teaches us to know the metabolic type that we have and then gives us a few tables of healthy food with the calories we need to take to the day, both to lose weight and to keep us. As a good nutritionist, repeat us several times the importance of not starving. Why the classic concept of the carbohydrates and calories it demystifies and reminds us of the importance of having them. More calories equals more power. And the more energy more quickly will our metabolism. All this does not mean that the results will arrive soon.

Warnings such as these are which we like Isabel to not repeat that we must change our lifestyle, which will take its time. The same Isabel, as you said in your book, took 3 years to achieve its goal. To this day, make a healthy diet not prevented eating chocolate or drinking a glass of wine, he says. Eat to lose Isabel De Los Rios works! The title of the book says: eat to lose. When we understand this well, we will know what you mean Isabel is that dieting does not mean that we have to go hungry. Once understood this we begin our plan of life.

Now that we know the attitude we have to take our diet plan and food that will better come us, in eating for Miss Isabel De Los Rios named after different types of foods and their nutrients: salt, sweets, grains, fats, dairy, organic foods, etc. The book concludes with two tool that will allow us to continue with our new life plan. These tools are: the tables and asked questions of people who was aided by Isabel in his day (26,000 until today). The tables are: the glycemic index table, ideal proportions of food (for each metabolic type) and fat (for each metabolic type) options.

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