Carlos was the only master of the world to who if it had to be subordinated. The area lead it where they were the priest and the sergeant and looked for in the best possible way to make the honors. Boni accepted the dose and in the quality of manager of the ENGETEC, the group looked for to combine itself it. Although what occurred, in its conception, that lunch could be considered a confraternizao between the city hall and the ENGETEC, for the good services given to the communities mountain range-douradense. Minutes later, had started to arrive the people in disordered sequence. It are of the group of the city hall, only the judge, the Dr.

Silvano and the Dr. Odorico, without counting Falco and Claudino, would arrive separately. To the measure that they entered, Alberto lead to the shed, and served beer or whiskey, not in such a way for courtesy, but to prevent that somebody was isolated. Gentily, it looked for to form distinct groups and in each one of them a member of the family of the engineer, to prevent the lack of argument in any circunstante. In the end of the discrete choreography, it heard a known voice to call its name gladly. Wise person to be about Hawk and turned over with a wide smile.

She placed an arm on the shoulders of both she lead and them to the group of the engineer. _ Dr. Carlos, these are members of our society that Mr. does not know. They are Domincio, Malaquias and Claudino, secretaries of Administration and Farm and Accountant. In its hands they pass the mathematical calculations of the City hall! The engineer turned it hearing the name of one of the main ones suspected, extended the hand and looked for to integrate it the group. Satisfied with the route of the lecture, Alberto touched of light the arm of Hawk and had left.

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