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PepsiCo Case

The cases of studies an inquiry in the Internet ' ' They indicate that the Internet, including electrnico post office, web, and its others facetas, of the new one and important instrument for the attempt of popular groups to promote the change politics. Some of these advantages mere seem to be evolutiva improvements on ' […]

Brazil Country

Gols of letter As elect country to host the Pantry of the World of 2014, Brazil if submitted to a series of requirements to take care of to the interests of the FIFA, having if compromised in all fulfilling a cronograma foreseen in the notebook of incubencies of the maximum entity of the soccer. If […]

South African

s and computers. nor is necessary to be vidente to disclose the smiles Brazilian that will together with roll the ball in South African fields in this year. Rio- Tinto Diamonds takes a slightly different approach. The vibration canarinho will be translated languages that at least we hear to say that they exist. Admired, world-wide […]


They are many and complex the problems today faced by the governments in the direction to obtain the desired results. Education, health, security, combat to the drugs, compatible infrastructure with the economic and social growth, combat to the poverty, sustainable development, generation of jobs and income, are only some of the objectives that must guide […]

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