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Food Processor

Food processor – controlled by a combination of buttons, motor, operating a bowl and a set of nozzles. Each of these components determines its functionality. The main parameter, which is responsible for the motor – it is speed. Simple models have the same speed. More expensive – 4 or more. Speed range is from 15 […]

Refrigeration Equipment Repair

Faucet in the bathroom was broken after all, has evolved, leaking and broken at all, that is broken away. Considered carefully, and then half the parts from the usual aluminum, well, maybe, duralumin, a little harder. Well this is what savings, right? Aluminium is now much cheaper brass and copper, an integral part of a […]


Long and reliable performance of refrigerators and other household appliances is highly dependent on the stability of the voltage in an electrical network. The failure of the refrigerator can cause a sharp increase voltage, and its fall below acceptable limits. Most dangerous for household appliances is the long rise and fall to the transcendent values […]

Internet Commerce In Tatarstan

Introduction History of the stores on a global Internet started in the mid 90-ies. One of the pioneers of e-commerce company called Pizza Hut, to list in 1994 on its web site offer to order pizza online. And within the next two years were based are "monsters", as retailer Amazon.com and auction eBay. Despite the […]


How to clean the oven When choosing a microwave oven must pay attention to its cover, because of it will depend largely on how well the stove to clean. For example, microwave oven with smooth walls of heat-resistant enamel easy to clean. However, it can occur in small cracks and scratches, which can accumulate fat. […]

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