Internet Commerce In Tatarstan

Introduction History of the stores on a global Internet started in the mid 90-ies. One of the pioneers of e-commerce company called Pizza Hut, to list in 1994 on its web site offer to order pizza online. And within the next two years were based are "monsters", as retailer and auction eBay. Despite the fact that to promote trade through a network in America was obviously easier to (local consumers are accustomed to ordering goods through catalogs, distributed by mail, and web sites with descriptions of goods are another variety of such directories, respectively, there was a ready infrastructure and delivery), the first online retailers in Russia there is not much later in the West. So, in 1995 Runet users was provided a virtual showroom of the Moscow network of shops "The Party", and by the end of the 90's in the network and have online stores for independent, exclusively online, brands – such as,, etc. Today, the demand for purchase via the Internet is a million Russian users. In RuNet represented thousands of stores aimed not only at retail, but also in segments of the B2B and B2G. In Kazan, and Republic of Tatarstan variety of online stores, unfortunately, a much more modest, to users of our region are only about 10 full sites, focused on electronic commerce. While still then, under the proper term "online store" mean different – from the placement of a price list on the site of a company to a complete tool of choice of products for their performance and built-in account sales.

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