Long and reliable performance of refrigerators and other household appliances is highly dependent on the stability of the voltage in an electrical network. The failure of the refrigerator can cause a sharp increase voltage, and its fall below acceptable limits. Most dangerous for household appliances is the long rise and fall to the transcendent values of gost. Such differences lead to overheating of the windings electric motors (compressors), and in extreme cases a fire. Refrigerators European and Korean are more sensitive to fluctuations in voltage than the Russian. All appliances are designed for trouble-free operation at standard deviations of the voltage.

Imported devices are designed for trouble-free operation when voltage fluctuation according to national standards (220 + / – 10%). Russian electrical expect more "wide" standard deviations (220 + / – 15%). In reality, the limit voltage drops in the network significantly exceeds the standard. Sometimes the stress can fall below 180V and 250V exceed that leads to faults in electrical components cooler. Do not attempt to repair a damaged refrigerator at a differential voltage greater than the norm. Unplug the refrigerator from the electrical network, and refer to professional masters repair refrigerators.

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