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The Story

Halbwachs shows, however, that a to be remembered or confirmed souvenir does not only depend on the certification of that they had literally been gifts in the happened one and now is capable to describe of lived form the scene where let us stow gifts and we do not remember. That is, exactly harvesting these […]

Roman Empire

When it did not have possibility of one enlace marriage adequate to the interests feudal Mr., its children were sent to the monasteries. The men so that they could fortify the family through the ingression in the high clergy, the women to prevent that the patrimony was embezzled. The peasants (p 111-112) Even so the […]

High Performance

Comoo is mentioned to have the patience does not stop with ooutro e, this another one here as being a son, son, father, same mother or aqueleque is next, but, to proper I. ‘ ‘ All we almost all learn to maltreat our interior train over all not to listen to our aspirations guarded decide […]

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