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Thus, the Chinese who were younger consumers per capita of gold worldwide, today have a demand for the metal that probably exceeds that of India which has represented the largest market for several years world. The Chinese are enjoying far superior to past levels of life, have been pouring heavily to markets, and hopefully now tipping the investment fever gold en masse. To broaden your perception, visit Mining Company. But what is the reason for the Chinese Government to stimulate purchases of gold in its population at massive levels? He speculated that the Asian country would be to transform much of its reserves in gold. And its Central Bank has, this year, been doubling its reserves of the metal. With a worldwide production of gold at low levels as we are seeing, a slight increase in Chinese demand would shoot metal prices. A broadcast of 60,700 units of three gold coins by the Chinese Central Bank to launch on September 16 in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Republic of China, symbolically reinforces this Chinese policy (photo).

(5) The VIX firing in tune with a greater investor discomfort in recent days reflecting doubts about global economic recovery. (6) Technical factors: looking at the charts, we see that gold prices are reflecting a greater demand, accompanied by higher volumes and a technically bullish pattern, demonstrating gaps and breaking with the lateralization of prices experienced during the past two months and a half. Several reasons to explain ex post in the graphics appears to be a successful undisputed among technical analysts: rupture of the triangle of consolidation since the start of the year. If gold rises above $1,000, we will check it in the coming days. Nobody will want to remain outside the rally that will come. Be sure to possess something. Until next Friday, Paola Pecora Paola Pecora is the Chief Editor of Latinforme.com and Global value, investment advice report monthly, pointing to investments with strong bullish potential on Wall Street. OPPORTUNITY of investment – Wall Street fell by 5% in three days you took this decline in prices of shares to buy? Seize it with us and subscribe to our Global value investment report already start earning with our recommended in September that come out tomorrow! Plus four reports to invest without risk: 1) course of investment 2) how to invest in USA 3 bag) the best stockbrokers at Internet 4) how to open an online account to start investing total cost of package $150 per year (repeatedly recovered by Global value portfolio earnings).

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