Fluffy Knitwear – Fine Wool Blends With Possum

Winter is coming – there again fluffy knitwear asked the Australian Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus Vulpecula) was introduced in the year 1858, according to New Zealand, and is there called ‘Possum’. Since then, the population to epidemic proportions has multiplied over 70 million copies. These pests are not only a serious threat for the native forests, but also for the BirdLife including the rare Kiwi. The New Zealand authorities are trying to be by all means of the plague Lord. But this animal has fur, which is ideally suited to be spun with Merino Wool. It handlet is a hollow fibre. This results in a high ability of insulation against the cold. With a share of about 25%, 40%, better still, the wool blend with these fibers is particularly soft and doesn’t itch.

Also prevents the poss to fiber, the formation of unsightly nodules called pilling and is also antistatic. What the grip, comfort and just the feeling of softness is, is this mixture the better-known Kashmir equal. Here, warm clothing items can be produced relatively lightweight. Already a thin layer of material is enormous insulation. So, the material also as thermal underwear for extreme application areas such as the Arctic and high mountain expeditions is used. This would be not possible nowadays with scratchy wool. You would use then something synthetic.

The first products based on this wool blends were available in New Zealand. They are spreading but slowly all over the world in recent years. Usually, the goods are made entirely in New Zealand. The manufacturer waive the otherwise customary use of Billglohn work (‘sweat shops’ in Asia). The sweaters, cardigans and accessories, are also due to the above problems to the possums, absolute eco-products. The poss to fiber itself is relatively expensive. The finished products are priced significantly lower than comparable cashmere products. Recently Jill Bikoff sought to clarify these questions. Prevents the limited amount of suitable poss to fibers on the world market in Certainly the rise of these goods to the mass product. Thus, it will be always something special to wear such a piece. Only a few know it currently. It looks cuddly already at first glance as a normal piece of wool clothing and everyone wants to touch it. Then, the typical reaction is: ‘Oh, this is but soft. Where did you get that? I want to have that”. You can buy sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, scarves, gloves, stoles and Possum socks for men and women online. Kai Zollner

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