Mexican Investments

The eradication of the violence in Mexico is a subject that invades the economic thing. As it happened to him to Colombia, the violence frightens to the foreign investments and it even reduces the national investments, increasing the fragility of the economy. He is for that reason that if the government tries to fortify to the economy, will have in it new escusa to reduce to the violence and the drug trafficking in the country. The defeat has marked before and later in Mexico. I believe as much that winning as losing they will have to listen to the will of the town that wants to live peacefully and not to undergo the swings of an economy that has not obtained to take advantage of the vicinity with the USA to begin a process of economic consolidation to grow continuously in the long term with the aim of becoming independent economically from the country of the north. According to the Day, Mexico will close the 2009 with a contraction of 5.5%, but the attention center will take it of here in more how the government will make of Caldern to carry out the reforms that the economy needs, among them, the propose fiscal reform for September. The problem does not finish here since the problems in the implementation of the reforms, according to Reuters, probably take to a cut in the qualification of the sovereign debt. Mexico does not have another alternative that to generate consensuses between the government and the opposition to be able to leave the complicated situation that is called on to live thus and to think to him better in the future It will obtain it?

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